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IT Support

IT Support for the Solomon Islands

Delivering professional IT support services has been a central part of our business for more than ten years. We believe that support is about reliability and security and not a never ending problem-fix cycle. This means that with Positive support, you'll avoid down time, making you more productive and more successful.

Our dedicated support team is experienced, qualified, honest and friendly. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, local or international NGO, donor programme, government ministry or diplomatic mission we are confident that we will be able to deliver the IT support that you are looking for.


"With the right people looking after your IT, you will be more successful"


Think IT Support, Think Positive

Six reasons to use Positive IT support:

  1. Know your network and devices are properly configured, that your critical business systems are stable and that proactive maintenance will help you avoid failures and downtime.  When you need to be working, our IT services will keep you on-line, “bringing a Positive change to your business”.
  2. Know exactly what is happening, when it is happening and how much it is costing.  With direct access to our helpdesk, email notifications and our mobile app, we offer IT support that puts you in total control and gives you what you need just when you need IT.
  3. Know your valuable data and systems are properly protected and securely backed up.  Be free from ransomware, hackers and viruses and sleep easy knowing your data and systems can be recovered in the event of a disaster.  We are the IT security experts in SI.
  4. Know that you’re paying for reliability and professional solutions and not endless problems.  We charge for less time and deliver more, with a structured services menu and many standard tasks charged at a fixed rate. You can be assured you are getting total value for money with Positive.
  5. Know that with over ten years of experience in perfecting IT systems and solutions in Honiara, we have the professional expertise to deliver the IT support and solutions you need.
  6. Know that we are the experts in delivering new and innovative technologies to make you more efficient and more successful.  Explore a world of possibilities, reach new customers and work in new ways with Positive. 

IT Support Plans

We offer three IT support plans that are designed to cater a broad range of IT support needs and budgets. If you are not sure which plan to choose, simply ask a member of the Positive Team on phone 22770


You can call for assistance just when you need us and there's no obligation to use us again. It's flexible, transparent and gives you what you need when you need it. 


This plan is more cost effective than Pay-As-You-Go if you are going to need regular assistance. It is particularly appropriate if you have some in-house IT expertise available or just need selected services rather than our fully managed plan.  IT puts you in control.

Fully Managed

This is the ultimate IT support plan and is ideal if you want total peace of mind.  We basically become your IT department and deliver what you need with far less worry and expense than having your own IT personnel. This plan is offered at a fixed monthly fee that will allow you to budget ahead and you can call on us as much as you like for the services you have selected.  It is the most cost effective way to manage your IT needs in the medium to long term.


Remember, with Pay-As-You-Go, you can just give us a call and ask for assistance.  It's that simple and you can even call us right now and get that annoying computer problem fixed - permanently!  

Call us now on 22770 or email